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"You know what I've learned as a licensed realtor, builder and designer with 25+ years of experience in home renovation? It's not just about finding and creating your dream home- it's about protecting it!" - Nicole Curtis, star of HGTV's Rehab Addict

"One bit of wisdom I always share with my clients is that a home protection plan is a lifesaver. It's like having a secret weapon against the breakdowns of your everyday home systems. That's why I've got Cinch Home Services on speed dial – they are there to help when a repair or replacement is needed, which saves you time and money!"  - Nicole Curtis, star of HGTV's Rehab Addict

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Frequently asked questions

When should I buy a Cinch Home Services home protection plan?

Although it’s best to get a home protection plan as soon as you become a homeowner, you can purchase a plan at any time during the buying, selling or home-owning experience.

Even though purchasing a home warranty is important when buying or selling a home, you will also want to purchase a protection plan when your existing limited-time protection plans expire or when you remodel and add new appliances or systems to your home.

What is not covered by a Cinch home protection plan?

While a Cinch home protection plan offers a wide range of coverage, some situations are not covered by a home protection plan, including:

  • Neglect and failure to do scheduled maintenance
  • Cosmetic dents and scratches to appliances
  • Non-mechanical items in the home, such as windows, walls, doors and the roof
  • Improper installations or repairs
  • Pest damage
  • Misuse 

Unlike many other plans, Cinch’s home protection plans usually cover “unknown pre-existing conditions.” To fully understand what isn’t covered, read the details of the “General Exclusions and Limitations” section of a plan’s terms and conditions.

What is the difference between a home protection plan and homeowners insurance?

While home insurance policies are typically required for homeowners, a home protection plan is never mandatory. But since insurance policies don’t cover costs for daily wear and tear to the appliances and home systems you rely on, protection plan coverage can save you a lot of trouble and money.

Homeowners insurance covers four primary areas of your home:

  • Personal property that could be stolen or damaged
  • The interior of your home
  • The exterior of your house
  • General liability that covers you if someone gets injured on your property

Home protection plans generally cover failures incurred from daily wear and tear to both your home’s major appliances and systems such as:

  • Major kitchen appliances like your fridge or built-in microwave
  • Clothes washer and dryer
  • Water heater
  • HVAC systems 
  • Plumbing and electrical systems
Who are the independent contractors that Cinch sends to my house?
We match your repair request with one of our thousands of vetted service providers. Every service provider that we refer has undergone an extensive screening and selection process, which includes, but is not limited to, license checks and verification of active liability insurance. We also have a continuous process of monitoring our service providers and scoring them based on customer feedback.
My home's systems and appliances are old. Does Cinch cover them?

Home protection plan are not just for new appliances and systems. A home protection plan has several benefits for owners of older appliances and systems:

  • Fill coverage gaps: The manufacturers’ protection plans will likely have expired on your older appliances and systems and homeowners insurance doesn’t cover damage due to wear and tear.
  • Save on repair costs: A home protection plan helps replace large, unexpected costs with a small, predictable monthly plan. 
  • Get qualified repair service and a low service fee: A home protection plan connects you to a network of experienced service providers, and all Cinch plans guarantee their work for up to 180 days.
  • Get matched with a service pro: Our customer service takes care of matching you with an in-network service provider when you make a claim, so you don’t need to go searching for one yourself.
  • Secure your peace of mind: Inevitably, one of your items may breakdown, but with a home protection plan, you won’t need to dip into long-term savings or credit to pay for it.
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