Save time and money with expert care 

Maintaining your home's most critical systems is important. Cinch’s Heating and Cooling Easy Upkeep Plan helps keep your  A/C and heating systems working exactly as they should all year round. 


Whether winter or summer is on the way, a pre-screened service pro performs a 17-point inspection to identify any adjustments or repairs that are needed to help keep things running at peak safety and efficiency. 




The Easy Upkeep Plan features and benefits

Two 17-point heating and cooling preventive maintenance checks per year

Savings on monthly utility bills because your systems will be performing at maximum efficiency

A $25 credit to use toward filters for your A/C system

24/7 hotline with access to pre-screened service pros for any home repair needs

Up to $1,200 back for emergency lodging (one claim per year)1

Discounts on brand-name appliances when you're ready for an upgrade

What's covered in the 17-point inspection?

  • Check and clear primary and secondary condensate lines and pans
  • Test temperature rise and drop of furnace, A/C and heat pump
  • Inspect condenser coil
  • Check system operating pressures (refrigerant levels)
  • Check belts and pulleys; adjust if necessary
  • Lubricate motors if oil ports are accessible
  • Check amp draw of evaporator motor
  • Check amp draw of condenser motor
  • Check crankcase heater operation for heat pumps
  • General inspection of wiring in the furnace and the A/C units
  • Inspect the filter and replace if the customer has a replacement filter
  • Check amp draw of compressor
  • Inspect furnace chambers and burners
  • Check controls and safeties on furnace
  • Visual inspection of exposed flue pipe
  • Check thermostat operation
  • Inspect evaporator coil if accessible 

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